Media Garcia helps businesses grow and generate more leads and sales online by creating and executing digital media and marketing campaigns. Started in 2011 by Louis Garcia who has over 10 years of experience in Information Technology with Target Corporation and independently.


We work with clients on retainer to provide digital media, marketing, and other technology products and services. Our retainers are structured in a way that allows us to build a relationship with the client and to continually provide value. Our clients appreciate that we are smart, process oriented, and are a one-stop-shop for their needs. We create and execute marketing campaigns that help clients increase their awareness, drive more traffic to their websites and social media platforms, and nurture leads through a sales process. We also create highly customized and engaging websites and help businesses with optimizing their processes through the use of technology and automation.

Media Garcia Talent

louis garcia

Founder & CEO

A thinker, a doer and a devoted father. Louis has broad experience in programming, development, and business intelligence. A data master that can build data driven applications, perform qualitative analysis for executives, and deliver insights through dashboards. Louis helps businesses create value through the utilization of digital media, inbound marketing, and data driven systems. Avid camper and cyclist.


Tiara kesler

marketing consultant

Tiara loves being able to put her creative and entrepreneurial mind to use as well as contribute her organizational skills to help grow a business. She is a learner and a leader. Tiara is a socialite who loves to network, build relationships and make friends especially where there is good music, food and yoga!

melanie ervin

communications consultant

With almost a decade of experience, Melanie will help you build and communicate your brand value in the favor of your business. A Midwesterner from Ohio, parent and advent music lover, she can implement your organization’s communications strategy including creating and amplifying print and digital content.

gerardo roca


He is a very talented Graphic Designer, specialized in logo, web and brand design. Student, Fan of Game of Thrones and a Corgis and Vikings fan.

Vianey linares

sofware engineer

Vianey can build and modify web applications using diverse tools such as: PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript/jQuery, CodeIgniter, WordPress and more. She is a fantastic internet enthusiast who is always analyzing, building and creating new things - what she loves the most is to solve the little/big mysteries surrounding software development. Also a Game of Thrones addict.

santiago bazan

web developer

Santiago is a passionate coder that works with technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, and Wordpress. He is also experienced with server-side programming languages such as PHP and Java. From Paraguay, Santiago is a self-driven Web Developer who likes watching movies on Netflix, loves to travel and learn new things.

omaira rodriguez

virtual office manager

Omaira runs the virtual office and her detail-oriented nature ensures that everything is running smoothly. From Venezuela, Omaira  loves to dance Salsa and watch Sherlock Holmes series.

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